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Perfecting technique.

We teach engaging and personalised small group swimming lessons in Aldenham and Elstree.

Take Your Swimming to the
Next Level

Top quality swimming lessons


With our exceptional teachers, engaging lessons and small class sizes in top quality surroundings, you are sure to reach the next level with us. 


We teach all abilities, from three years old to adults. Our swimmers develop their technique, confidence, skills, stamina and fitness. 


Our teachers do their best in all that they do, teaching top quality, engaging lessons in warm water pools with comfortable changing facilities. 

Introducing Our Classes

Personalised Swimming Lessons

We teach classes of up to six  swimmers in our group lessons for children and adults. We offer each swimmer personalised teaching to ensure they progress at a pace that’s right for them.

Read on to learn more about our swimming levels, and please feel free to get in touch for help choosing a class.

Parent and Child

Our Parent and Child classes are second to none. We work at your child’s pace with a focus on nurturing your child’s love of the water while developing the skills and techniques they need to become a brilliant swimmer.

An introduction to swimming holds, moves and techniques for babies aged 4 to 12 months.

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

A wonderful opportunity for toddlers aged between 12 and 24 months to develop their swimming skills and techniques in an engaging and nurturing environment.

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Let’s develop swimming techniques, water skills and independence with your preschooler (ages 2 – 3 years).

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

The perfect environment for preschool swimmers who are not yet comfortable coming into the water without a parent. We gradually transition from Parent and Child classes to independent swimmers (ages 3 years and up).

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Classes for Children

Whether your child is a complete beginner or an advanced swimmer, we will motivate and support them to the next level. Our group lessons have a ratio of 1:6. Your child can develop their swimming techniques and water skills with the help of our experienced team of teachers

Swimming classes for little swimmers aged three years and up without a parent in the water. Pupils move to Stage 1 at the start of the term that they turn 5 years. Children develop a concept of water safety as well as swimming skills and water confidence.

Entry level classes for children who are aged 5 years and older. Learn the fundamentals of swimming, as well as water safety awareness and water confidence. We work at your swimmer’s pace, using aids where necessary and making every lesson engaging.

This level is perfect for children working towards swimming 10m unaided. Swimmers develop their aquatic breathing and swimming skills front and back, as well as floating, rotation and entries.

A class for swimmers learning to swim up to 10m front and back without aids. Swimmers develop their streamlining skills and swimming techniques, as well as their knowledge of water safety rules.

By the end of Level Four, swimmers will be able to perform a recognisable leg kick for each of the four swimming strokes. Your brilliant swimmer will further develop a range of skills and techniques, including streamlining and rotations.

During Stage Five, swimmers will develop their skills in treading water, learn the correct arm pulls for all four strokes and learn how to do handstands and somersaults.

At Stage Six, swimmers develop their coordination, stroke technique and breathing, along with surface dives, streamlining and a focus on water safety.

Swimmers develop the range of skills developed in previous stages and bring them together to create a sequence.

By the end of Stage Seven, swimmers will be able to swim 25 metres of all four strokes to Swim England Standards and will be able to complete a continuous swim of 100 metres using three of these different strokes.

The Squad is for competent swimmers (minimum Stage 5). Sessions are designed to cover Stage 5-7 outcomes as well as broader aquatic skills such as competitive starts/turns, water polo, synchronised swimming and life saving skills. The 60 min sessions are social and fun whilst building stamina as well as technical elements. 

Classes for Adults

We teach adults of all levels – from those with a fear of the water to advanced swimmers training for a big competition. With the right techniques in place, swimming can be a brilliant way to improve your fitness and for health and wellbeing – let us support you with your swimming goals in our small group and private classes for adults.

The perfect class for a new swimmer – we offer a safe and nurturing environment for you to learn the fundamentals of swimming. We work at your level of water confidence and ability.

Would you like to develop your breathing technique on front crawl? Perhaps you would like to try a new stroke for the first time? Our intermediate classes are the ideal environment for swimmers able to swim without aids to develop confidence, stamina and technique.

This level is ideal for swimmers who are training for an event or looking to swim for fitness. We can work at your level to perfect your swimming techniques and design your personalised training programme.

For more accomplished swimmers, Swim Fit sessions will improve your technique and fitness and help you to reach personal targets in a social environment. Workouts range from 10-120 lengths, depending on ability, and last for 60 mins. Sessions provide a mixture of different strokes, speeds and distances using different aids and equipment to encourage a more varied and challenging workout than traditional lane swimming. Suitable if you want to improve your fitness, develop stamina, lose weight, train for an event or return to exercise following an injury. 

Join Us

Swim with Next Level Swimming Academy

Please register your interest online and we will be in touch to offer you a space. Send us an email or call on 07824 990239 to book our private lessons.


Group Classes 
(maximum of six swimmers per class)

£15 per 30 minute lesson*

Next Level Swim Squad

£15 per 60 minute swim session*

Swim Fit

£15 per 60 minute swim session*

*payable in advance for the remaining weeks of this term

Term Dates

January – April 2024 Term
Term Starts: Friday January 5th
Term Ends: Thursday March 28th
No half term break (12 weeks)

April – July 2024 Term
Term Starts: Monday April 15th
Term Ends: Sunday July 21st
Half Term: Monday May 27th – Sunday June 2nd (13 weeks)

September – December 2024 Term
Term Starts: Monday September 2nd
Term Ends: Sunday December 15th
Half Term: Monday October 28th – Sunday November 3rd (14 weeks)

Crash Courses 2024
Monday July 22nd – Friday July 26th (8.30-11.30am)
Monday July 29th – Friday August 2nd (8.30-11.30am)

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help

If we haven’t answered your question below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Booking and Re-enrolment

We have a list of these requests and we will do our best to accommodate the change after we have moved pupils who need to move up a stage. Alternatively, keep an eye on spaces on the website; if you see a space you prefer you can ask us to move your child(ren) to that space.

We appreciate that you may not be able to make a particular lesson. Offering alternative, one-off classes, is too disruptive as the teacher usually doesn’t know the child and spends a disproportionate amount of time with that pupil. Therefore, we don’t offer ‘make up’ or alternative, one-off substitute classes. If you need to swop more permanently to a different class, please check available spaces online, let us know which class you want to move to, and we will process the change.

We priority auto re-enrol pupils about 4 weeks before the end of a current term. Payment is automatically taken on the re-enrolment date which will be communicated to parents/carers. If you are renewing you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t wish to renew for any reason, please email us well in advance of the auto re-enrolment date so that we can make the pupil a leaver and ensure no payment is taken for the next term.

General Questions

A parent or carer must remain in the gallery or reception area for the duration of the lesson

One parent per child can watch from the spectator gallery (though provided it isn’t too crowded a second parent is welcome too).

Please aim to be in the reception area five to ten minutes before the lesson starts. A member of the team will take pupils to their lesson meet point on poolside.

Children are welcome to wear goggles, as long as they are well fitting and your child is able to put on, remove and adjust them independently. A cap if hair is long is a good idea. We will provide any other necessary equipment – all you need to bring are a swimsuit and towel. 

For child protection reasons we operate a strict no photography policy on site. If you would like to take any photos of your children in or around the pool, please speak to our Poolside Manager.

We request that swimmers don’t eat within the hour prior to swimming. Please do not bring food and drink into the changing rooms, gallery or on to poolside.

The Haberdashers' Site

Enter the site through the main gate on Aldenham Road. Park before the first barrier in the main visitor car park as close to the school as possible.

The pool is a 5-8 minute walk from the carpark. Leave the carpark via the footpath, turning right at the end of the path and head towards the playground. Continue past the playground until you reach the large grey pool building at the back of the school.

It is a 25m, 6 lane modern indoor swimming pool. We request that you come to the pool swim ready. There are dedicated male and female changing facilities available for after lessons. 

The school is a non smoking site, including the outdoor areas.

No dogs are permitted on the school property (as much as we love them!)

We appreciate that the site is wonderful but access to any other parts of the school, including the grounds and fields, is strictly prohibited.

At the end of the lesson, please meet your children in the changing room. Ladies can only go into the ladies changing room and men can only go into the men’s changing room. Children under 8 years old can go into either changing room. Boys/Girls over 8 years old must change in their own sex changing room.


A formal assessment is completed in the second half of every term. We assess a number of classes each week after the half terms. We also do informal and ad hoc assessments throughout the term so that pupils can be moved up during a term if needed.

You (and importantly pupils) can view assessments on the Parent Portal, the link is on our website.

We have a record of completed assessments, we will catch up any assessments missed but it may be early in the following term.

We make a note of everyone who needs to be moved and we work our way through the class movements.  Some pupils will be moved immediately (if there is a space), others will be moved over the breaks in time for the following term. We hold spaces for movements during a term when we know pupils are close to completing their outcomes. 

If your child is close to completing the outcomes, we  keep an eye on their progress and will reassess them and move them during a term.

We aim to keep lessons at the same time, if this isn’t possible, we will contact you to discuss options.

Needs more practice’ – early stages of learning the skill or still using discs; ‘Fair’- some ability to do the skill but a good degree of technical improvement still needed or still using a noodle; ‘Good’ – can perform the skill, possibly not consistently or a small technical element needs improvement but almost there; ‘Pass’ – performs the skill to Swim England standard consistently and will be able to manage the skill development in a higher stage.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you

Send us an email, fill out the contact form or call on 07824 990239 and we would be happy to help you get booked in .

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