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Perfecting technique.

We teach engaging and personalised small group swimming lessons in Aldenham and Elstree.

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Top quality swimming lessons


With our exceptional teachers, engaging lessons and small class sizes in top quality surroundings, you are sure to reach the next level with us. 


We teach all abilities, from three years old to adults. Our swimmers develop their technique, confidence, skills, stamina and fitness. 


Our teachers do their best in all that they do, teaching top quality, engaging lessons in warm water pools with comfortable changing facilities. 

Introducing Our Classes

Personalised Swimming Lessons

We teach classes of up to six  swimmers in our group lessons for children and adults. We offer each swimmer personalised teaching to ensure they progress at a pace that’s right for them.

Read on to learn more about our swimming levels, and please feel free to get in touch for help choosing a class.

Parent and Child

Our Parent and Child classes are second to none. We work at your child’s pace with a focus on nurturing your child’s love of the water while developing the skills and techniques they need to become a brilliant swimmer.

An introduction to swimming holds, moves and techniques for babies aged 4 to 12 months.

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

A wonderful opportunity for toddlers aged between 12 and 24 months to develop their swimming skills and techniques in an engaging and nurturing environment.

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Let’s develop swimming techniques, water skills and independence with your preschooler (ages 2 – 3 years).

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

The perfect environment for preschool swimmers who are not yet comfortable coming into the water without a parent. We gradually transition from Parent and Child classes to independent swimmers (ages 3 years and up).

Join us today – classes on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Classes for Children

Whether your child is a complete beginner or an advanced swimmer, we will motivate and support them to the next level. Our group lessons have a ratio of 1:6. Your child can develop their swimming techniques and water skills with the help of our experienced team of teachers

Preschool swimming classes for little swimmers aged three years and up without a parent in the water. Children develop a concept of water safety as well as swimming skills and water confidence.

Entry level classes for school aged children. Learn the fundamentals of swimming, as well as water safety awareness and water confidence. We work at your swimmer’s pace, using aids where necessary and making every lesson engaging.

This level is perfect for children working towards swimming 5m unaided. Swimmers develop their aquatic breathing and swimming skills front and back, as well as floating, rotation and entries.

A class for swimmers learning to swim up to 10m front and back without aids. Swimmers develop their streamlining skills and swimming techniques, as well as their knowledge of water safety rules.

By the end of Level Four, swimmers will be able to perform a recognisable leg kick for each of the four swimming strokes. Your brilliant swimmer will further develop a range of skills and techniques, including streamlining and rotations.

During Stage Five, swimmers will develop their skills in treading water, learn the correct arm pulls for all four strokes and learn how to do handstands and somersaults.

At Stage Six, swimmers develop their coordination, stroke technique and breathing, along with surface dives, streamlining and a focus on water safety.

Swimmers develop the range of skills developed in previous stages and bring them together to create a sequence.

By the end of Stage Seven, swimmers will be able to swim 25 metres of all four strokes to Swim England Standards and will be able to complete a continuous swim of 100 metres using three of these different strokes.

Classes for Adults

We teach adults of all levels – from those with a fear of the water to advanced swimmers training for a big competition. With the right techniques in place, swimming can be a brilliant way to improve your fitness and for health and wellbeing – let us support you with your swimming goals in our small group and private classes for adults.

The perfect class for a new swimmer – we offer a safe and nurturing environment for you to learn the fundamentals of swimming. We work at your level of water confidence and ability.

Would you like to develop your breathing technique on front crawl? Perhaps you would like to try a new stroke for the first time? Our intermediate classes are the ideal environment for swimmers able to swim without aids to develop confidence, stamina and technique.

This level is ideal for swimmers who are training for an event or looking to swim for fitness. We can work at your level to perfect your swimming techniques and design your personalised training programme.

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Group Classes 
(maximum of six swimmers per class)

£13 per 30 minute lesson, payable in advance for the remaining weeks of this term.

Term Dates

Summer Term 2022 at Haberdashers’ Schools

April 22nd – July 24th inclusive (half term from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th June)

Summer Term 2022 at the Mercure Hotel

April 25th – July 22nd  inclusive (half term from Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June)

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