Next Level Swimming Cap

Our colourful silicone swimming cap is the ideal choice for swimmers of all ages.


Product Description

Dive into style and functionality with our Next Level Branded Silicone Swimming Cap! Crafted with high-quality silicone, this cap offers a sleek fit for swimmers of all levels. Designed to reduce drag and improve hydrodynamics, it’s perfect for serious training sessions or those just learning to swim.

Our swimming cap minimises distraction and enhances safety by keeping swimmers’ hair out of their eyes. Additionally, it locks in precious body heat, ensuring the wearer stays comfortably warm in the water.

Its durable material ensures long-lasting use, and the snug yet comfortable fit keeps your hair streamlined without sacrificing comfort. It’s quick and easy to put on too!

Get ready to make a splash in style with our Next Level Branded Silicone Swimming Cap!

High-Grade Silicone: Crafted from premium silicone material, this swimming cap guarantees durability, flexibility, and a comfortable fit for swimmers of all levels.

Hydrodynamic Design: Engineered to minimize drag and enhance performance, this cap’s sleek design aids in improving speed and agility in the water.

Next Level Branding: Show off your aquatic style with the Next Level branding, adding a touch of personality while representing your commitment to swimming excellence.

Universal Fit: Designed for versatility, its stretchable material offers a good fit for various head sizes, making it suitable for both recreational and competitive swimmers.

Make a splash this summer!

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Monday July 22nd – Friday July 26th
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8.30 – 11.30 (30 minutes/day for 5 days)

£75 per pupil